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Aug 272012

Dear Friends: My administration is proud to have taken a major step to usher in a new era for Downtown Jacksonville. Legislation I signed today, backed by a unanimous City Council vote, creates the Downtown Investment Authority. This represents a strategic refocusing of our city’s economic development efforts to grow good-paying jobs, create new attractions and make Jacksonville the most competitive, unique and vibrant city it has ever been. Through this inclusive approach, we will transform our Downtown into the heart of Northeast Florida. As businesses, consumers and public servants join together in this common effort, we will succeed. Make no mistake about it – unlocking the full potential of Downtown Jacksonville must be a common cause. If our city has indeed reached that point – of committing to truly unlocking Downtown’s potential – let us join hands, roll up our sleeves, and pursue this goal with vigor, vision and a shared, steadfast resolve. A vibrant Downtown will boost Jacksonville’s property values, increasing owners’ equity while simultaneously helping to naturally ease the city’s fiscal challenges. Attracting new businesses, both large and small, and encouraging the expansion of existing enterprises is a great way to get more local citizens into good-paying, steady careers. A vibrant Downtown also grows pride by increasing residents’ quality of life as well as their confidence in local institutions. All of these outcomes contribute to the present and future success of our city, and they do so through citizen-driven, commerce-friendly public-private partnerships. I thank you for your ongoing support of and dedication to our city. I have never been more certain that together we are taking Jacksonville to the next level. Sincerely, Alvin Brown Mayor