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Sep 052012

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) — President Obama traveled to Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday night to hear former President Bill Clinton nominate him for re-election and listen to Clinton make the case that Americans are better off with Obama’s promise of “shared responsibility” than what he called Mitt Romney’s “winner-take-all” philosophy.

Clinton headlines the second night of the Democratic National Convention and will officially nominate Obama, a role typically performed by the nominee’s running mate.

Obama, it was learned Wednesday evening, will be in the hall for the speech. The president stayed in the White House with his two daughters on Tuesday night to watch his wife Michelle gave an emotional speech backing his character and his presidency.

Though Clinton and Obama have sparred in the past, especially during the 2008 Democratic primaries that pitted Obama against Hillary Clinton, Obama is betting that the former president, a Democrat who oversaw nearly a decade of economic prosperity, will remind voters of what having a Democrat in the White House can mean for their wallets.

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