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About the Show

During the show, I’ll conduct interviews with Pro riders, representatives from different facets of the motorcycle industry, and local dealers. I’ll also report race results from all forms of motorcycle racing: SX/MX- AMA Pro Road racing – AMA Pro Dirt Track Series – AHRMA Vintage and local amateur MX/Hare Scramble/Enduro results and commentary as well. Since there are over 8 MX racing facilities in the listening area, I’ll talk with the track owners about practice dates, track conditions, and upcoming events. I will also call area dealers while on-air so they can tell the listeners about any special deals and promotions going on at their store.


About the Host

My name is Jon Vedas, The host of a radio show called Two Wheels Only. Two Wheels Only is an interactive live radio show that focuses on 2 things: Motorcycles and the people who ride them. I’ve been involved with motorcycling since 1966 where I was a flagger at the local MX track, it paid $10.00 and all the corn dogs I could eat! Fortunately my father was a fan of motorcycles. He took me to my first Daytona 200 in 1968 and I’ve only missed a handful of races since. My first job in the motorcycle industry came in 1985. I continued working in the industry until 1996 when I opened my own shop. I dealt with parts, service and sales of all the major brands. I also served as a race announcer at the majority of the area tracks from 1996 to present. With live radio experience, motorcycle industry knowledge, mechanical know how, and years of motorcycle racing involvement I’m certain the “2 Wheels Only” radio show will be a success.



As with any radio or TV show, advertisers are a necessary element. I have compiled a package that includes: 2 thirty second pre recorded commercials, live on-air calls to your business to talk about specials deals at your store, Your company logo and a link to your website on the 2 Wheels Only web page, and a monthly invite for members of your store to be on the show an give listeners tips on everything from what motorcycle to buy to what’s the best oil filter for their bike. Local “Live Remotes: will also be provided for your BLOWOUT Sales Events. For Advertising Inquiries, please call: 904-608-5753 or email

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