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Oct 122012

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(RICHMOND, Va.) — Mitt Romney and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell praised Paul Ryan’s debate performance last night, telling a crowd in Virginia that there was only one person on stage who was “thoughtful, and respectful, steady, and poised.”

“Now did you get a chance to watch the debate last night?” Romney said nearly as soon as he got behind the microphone. “I think you might agree with me that there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful, steady and poised.”

“The kind of person you might want to turn to in a crisis. And that was the next vice president of the United States, Paul Ryan,” said Romney as the crowd erupted in cheers. “There was also one person on the stage who actually, when asked what he’d do to get the economy going again, had an answer. He laid out our five-point plan to get this economy going, and the other candidate of course just attacked. But the American people are looking for answers, not attacks.”

McDonnell, who introduced Romney in Richmond, Va., Friday, couldn’t help but ding the Vice President for interrupting Ryan several times during the debate.

“You had one person who commanded the facts and the budget and the other that interrupted the other candidate 82 times,” said McDonnell. “My daughter watching said, ‘Hey dad, how come only one candidate has any manners?’”

“So there you go,” he said. “Paul’s going to be a great vice president because when our country’s biggest issue is getting us out of debt and back to work nobody knows more about the budget and reducing deficits than Paul Ryan. He’s going to be a great Vice President of the United States.”

Asked by reporters during a breakfast stop in Kentucky before heading to Ohio Friday morning, Ryan said he “felt great” about his debate performance Thursday night.

Next up: Romney’s second head-to-head match-up with President Obama this coming Tuesday in a town hall-style debate moderated by CNN’s Candy Crowley.

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Apr 182012

Kris Connor/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said Thursday he’d consider being vetted for the vice presidential slot if Mitt Romney’s team approaches him.

“Well I think anybody that gets a call from the nominee and says, you can help our party, you can help our country. Of course you’d consider it, but I’ve got the job built by Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry,” McDonnell said in an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

“That’s all speculation. That’s completely up to Mitt Romney. I’m not looking for, campaigning for it, or expecting it, so we’ll see what happens. You’ll have to ask Governor Romney what he’s planning to do,” McDonnell added.

McDonnell has long said he’s happy in his position describing it as the best governorship in the country.

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