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Mar 312013

ABC News(PRINCETON, N.J.) — Princeton University alumna Susan Patton, who is a member of the class of 1977, is sharing some wisdom with female students, but not everyone is taking kindly to it.

“Here’s what nobody is telling you: Find a husband on campus before you graduate,” Patton wrote in an open letter to the Daily Princetonian that has since gone viral.

Patton was one of the first women to graduate from the Ivy League school, which her son currently attends, but her open letter has drawn scathing headlines, including one: “Princeton Grad Warns Undergraduates to Find Their Husbands Now, Because the Rest of the World Is Too Dumb.”

“It was just intended to suggest to these women who are on campus today, again, keep an open mind. Look around you. These are the best guys,” Patton said. “If the women’s movement has done what it has supposed to do, it should enable all women to make whatever choices are appropriate for them, even if their choices are seemingly retrogressive.”

In the letter, Patton also says although “men regularly marry women who are younger and less intelligent…ultimately it will frustrate you to be with a man who just isn’t as smart as you.”

The letter was met with mixed reactions by students, some of whom felt Patton did have a point.

“I don’t think her entire point is completely wrong. Girls do want to date guys who are as smart or smarter than them, but in practicality, we are all way too young to be getting married now,” one female student told ABC News.

Although the advice may sound like something mothers told their daughters in past generations, Karin Ruskin, a marriage and family therapist, said Patton may be on to something.

“If you have similar value systems and you both are intellectuals, is it going to increase the chance that you’ll have a successful relationship?” she said. “Of course. That’s a given.”

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Dec 292012

Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock(MILWAUKEE) — Police officers and others across southeast Wisconsin are paying their respects this Saturday to Officer Jennifer Sebena.

The 30-year-old was found dead of multiple gunshots earlier this week as she patrolled the streets of Wauwatosa, a suburb of Milwaukee.

Sebena’s husband has been charged with her death.

Associate Pastor Steve Sonderman eulogized Sebena as one whose life dream was to become a police officer and said, “Her life was about protection, service, sacrifice and investing in others.”

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Nov 092012

Photodisc/Digital Vision/Thinkstock(EL CAJON, Calif.) — The husband of an Iraqi-American mother whose family called her death a hate crime was charged with homicide Friday, nearly eight months after his wife’s murder.

Police arrested Kassim Alhimidi, 48, of El Cajon, Calif., Thursday for the murder of his 32-year-old wife, Shaima Alawadi, according to ABC News affiliate KGO.

Alawadi’s family called her death a hate crime after she was found beaten in her living room with a note calling her “a terrorist.” The murder sent shockwaves through El Cajon, which is home to one of the nation’s largest concentrations of Iraqi immigrants.

Alawadi was found by her 17-year-old daughter, who said she and her mother were the only ones home on the morning of March 21, when she heard her mother squeal and the sound of glass breaking. She said she found her mother bloodied, with the note nearby, which also told the family “to go home.”

Police said at the time that Alhimidi, the woman’s husband, claimed to have been out of the house, taking the couple’s younger children to school when the murder occurred.

Fatima Alhimidi, the 17-year-old who found Alawadi, told news reporters the crime must have been motivated by hatred. She said the family had received a similar note a week earlier in which they were told to go home to their own country but had dismissed it as a prank.

El Cajon police, however, said early on that although the possibility of a hate crime had been suggested to them, they believed it was an isolated incident and the area’s Iraqi-American population should not fear similar crimes directed at it.

Alhimidi is now charged with first-degree murder for Alawadi’s death, according to KGO.

Search warrants viewed by KGO revealed that divorce papers had been found in Alawadi’s car but had not been filled out.

Kassim Alhimidi is scheduled to be arraigned Nov. 13.

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Sep 202012

ABC News(NEW YORK) — One month after being shot in her driveway, allegedly by a hitman hired by her husband, a Texas woman appeared in court to face her estranged husband.

Nancy Howard walked into a Denton, Texas, courtroom Tuesday to move forward with her request for a divorce from her husband, John Howard.

Prosecutors say John Howard, a successful accountant who sang in a church choir, had a secret life and paid a series of alleged hitmen over $100,000 to kill his wife so he could be with his mistress in California. Nancy Howard was shot in the driveway of her Carrollton, Texas, home on August 18.

The mother of three was in a coma for days after the bullet destroyed her left eye and lodged in her lung.

“I prayed through the whole incident and called on God to save me, and he did. He carried me through,” Nancy Howard told ABC News affiliate WFAA Tuesday as she walked into court.

John Howard admits to the affair that lasted four years, but denies having anything to do in his wife’s shooting and has pleaded not guilty to criminal solicitation.

John Howard’s attorney, Arch McColl, told ABC News that Nancy Howard really doesn’t want a divorce.

“He has three beautiful children, a long marriage with a lovely wife who does not want to divorce him. She’s indicated that in writing,” said McColl.


Nancy Howard refused to answer any questions about her marriage outside the courtroom with reporters, but she’s obviously moving forward with it by showing up in court Tuesday.

“I am thankful. Thankful that I have life. Thankful that God has given me life. That’s going to be a great future,” Howard told WFAA.

Frank Howard, 52, attended the hearing still wearing his wedding band, hoping to reconcile with his wife. “I think they’ve got a possibility of doing that. I think they’re both people of strong faith; he’s been very active in his church for 30 years — 25 or 30 years — he sings in the choir,” said McColl.

Howard is also being hauled into court by a defense contractor that he used to work for. The company is accusing Howard of embezzling millions from contracts in the Middle East to finance his alleged secret life.

Police say the alleged plot to kill Nancy Howard began in 2009, just weeks before the shooting. The alleged hitman, Dustin Hiroms, was arrested on July 13 for traffic violations and the passenger in the car was identified as Jason Rendine, according to the affidavit.

The police stop occurred a half mile from the Howards’ Carrollton, Texas, home.

Hiroms told officers he had come to Carrollton to get money from his uncle, who lives on Bluebonnet Way. Rendine mentioned it was the fifth house and that a Lexus was supposed to be parked outside, according to the affidavit.

After officers questioned the two men, they changed their story and said they were in town to meet with an investor named John who hired Hiroms as a hit man.

Hiroms was arrested for traffic offenses and was released two days later, according to the affidavit.

On Aug. 24, Billie Johnson, who is Hirom’s stepfather and was being held at Denton County Jail on unrelated charges, contacted investigators with information about the alleged plot.

Johnson told police he was contacted by Howard three years ago and was offered money to have Nancy Howard killed.

“Johnson advised that over the past three years he has had numerous contacts and conversations with Howard regarding the contract killing of his wife,” the affidavit stated.

After Hiroms was arrested on the aggravated robbery charge, he admitted to police he had met and received money from Howard, but denied having any role in the aggravated robbery of Nancy Howard, the affidavit stated.

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Aug 232012

Courtesy La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department(LA CROSSE, Wis.) — A woman who turned in her husband to Wisconsin police on an outstanding warrant said she did it because he was getting on her nerves.

Adrienne Bolds, 55, told ABC News Wednesday night that her husband’s friends called her around 1:30 a.m. Monday to ask her to pick him up from their house.  When she arrived, she said she found her husband drunk and belligerent.  She had to be at work at 5 a.m.

“I’ve always just went and got him and just ignored him,” she said, speaking of similar calls she’s had in the past to pick up her husband, Johnnie Bolds.

This time things were a little different.  She picked him up, drove him to the La Crosse Police Department and turned him in, even though she knew he would likely be held on the warrant.

“He was getting on my nerves really bad.  I was already nervous and shaky about going over there” to pick him up, she said, adding that it was safer for him to be off the street and she wanted him to get help.

Her husband was held on a warrant from a felony drunken driving conviction, the La Crosse Tribune reported.  County jail records online indicated no bond was set.

Adrienne Bolds added that her husband’s situation was taking its toll on her.

“It’s the kind of relationship, no matter how many times I pick him up, he keeps falling down,” she said.  “And all I’m doing is I keep picking him up, but he just can’t see to stand up on his own.”

The Bolds have been married since 1995.  They don’t have children together, but they and their children from other relationships are a close-knit family, she said.

Bolds said her husband wasn’t a bad person, but that he had serious medical problems and had trouble finding a job because of that.

Despite their trouble, she said, they get along well.

“We love each other,” she said, adding that even though their relationship isn’t like it used to be, “he’s still my husband and I’m still his wife, and so I’ll go and get him.”

Johnnie Bolds wasn’t angry when she heard from him on Wednesday evening, she said.

“He called me about an hour or so ago …  asked me when I was coming to see him,” she said, adding that she would definitely visit him in jail.

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