Larry Stevens

Operations Engineer and Production Manager
Office: (904) 470-4615

Gerri Landrum

Director of Sales
(904) 861-0235

Larry Landrum

Director of Sales
(904) 861-0236

 Alexis Kimball

Advertising Sales & Marketing Director
(904) 470-4615

Henry W. Hoot

Regional Vice-President of The Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation

*The Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation practices affirmative action in it’s hiring policy. Since our Florida licenses were renewed on February 1, 2012 there have been no staff openings. When an opening occurs, information will be disseminated widely to area colleges and universities, as well as to organizations which have expressed an interest in referring qualified applicants. If your organization wants to receive notices of openings at our Florida radio stations please contact Charlotte Rodriquez (904) 470-4615.

In addition, we have two jobs planned for 2013 where individuals interested in broadcasting can learn about radio and fill out applications for future employment.

We also have one paid internship available in 2013.

Questions or concerns about our EEO policy and practices should be addressed to:

Henry W. Hoot
Regional Vice-President
The Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation
7235 Bonneval Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32256

March 1, 2012

The employment unit for this report covers:

Radio Station WBOB

Staffing services provided for:
Radio Station WTRJ Radio Station WCRJ Radio Station WAYL Radio Station WZNZ